Getting ready to save all the turtles!

Finally after 3 years of dreaming about it my IVHQ Bali adventure is finally coming true and it all starts tomorrow!

If you haven’t heard of IVHQ before they are an amazing volunteering company based in New Zealand. I first heard about them from a blogger friend of mine who had worked with them 3 years ago and the more I read about them the more I fell in love. I never thought I would be in the position where I could afford to have a volunteering holiday, but a recent change of heart and IVHQ’s super cheap fees have made it happen and I couldn’t be happier!

Up until a few months ago I was saving to go to Australia for a year. I guess I should say I had it all planned out and was really excited, but that would be a massive lie. After breaking my foot last year and being forced to move back home from Spain I was in a rut…pretty depressed to be honest. I felt like I’d failed and wasn’t ready to crash land back into reality just yet. In sheer desperation for adventure I convinced myself that I wanted to do a year working and travelling Australia. I got my visa, I quit my job and I told everyone I was going. It wasn’t until my sister asked me, for what was probably the 6th time over a few weeks, if I had booked my flight yet that I realised I actually didn’t have any desire to go to the other side of the world for a year. Don’t get me wrong I love adventure and travelling, but there are a number of things that I quite like about my life right now. I couldn’t think of anything worse than leaving them for a year…one of those things is this gorgeous little lady.

Admitting that I didn’t want to go wasn’t easy. Even admitting it to myself was very emotional. I can’t really explain why it was so hard, I guess the fact that I’d spent the last few months convincing all my loved ones that I really wanted to do it was a big part. I felt like an idiot. I thought everyone would judge me and think I was just scared to leave. Even worse, I thought people would blame my new manfriend and say that he had talked me into staying. This was definitely not the case…in fact I was getting quite concerned that he was trying to get rid of me and disguising it as support!

I have no idea why I was so worried about what people were going to think because, obviously, everyone who cares about me was nothing but positive and supportive. 

So with the weight of Australia off my shoulders I had room to do what my heart genuinely wanted to do…volunteer! Tomorrow I leave for my first solo long haul flight, headed for Bali, Indonesia πŸ™‚ From there I’m going over to an island called Nusa Penida to work on an endangered turtle conservation. I don’t want to talk too much about what that consists of right now as I won’t be 100% sure until I arrive on the island, due to placements and island needs etc. What I do know is that I will be involved in hands on care for the little guys, getting them fit and healthy for their return to the ocean. 

I haven’t got a return date yet, I’ll just be going where the wind takes me, but I want to be back to celebrate the big 30 with the people that love me so I won’t be gone too long πŸ™‚  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous…I’ve known myself for 30 years and I tend to get lost quite easily so fingers crossed I get on the right plane please everyone! 

I’ll keep you all updated and bombard you with pictures of my Bali journey whether you like it or not haha xx

Oh and p.s The moral of this story boys and girls is this. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about your life decisions (unless they involve hurting anyone or anything coz that’s not cool) the people that matter will love and support you no matter what you choose, ultimately they really just want you to be happy πŸ™‚ 



Let me hear your thoughts :)

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