I sit alone, in the place where she once stood. She’s not here anymore, she doesn’t belong.
The heat is all around me, i look up expecting sun, but find only shadows and the leering eyes of the tall metal strangers, the ones responsible for giving out the heat that envelopes my body.
Bare footed my toes search the pavement, patting, tapping, scratching, hoping to find something real, some sign of life. But i find only cold hard cement, smothering her beautiful green eyes.
I listen, my soul stretches to feel the sensations that only her song can give, goosebumps on flesh as she sings the morning melody or recites the evenings poetry.
I stretch, reach out to feel the fingers that once were entwined with mine, i wait for the subtle fresh breeze to wash over my skin but…its gone. Drowned out by the sound of…them! Lifeless, devoid of feeling.
Once there was her, her beauty and her magic to float me to my dreams, now only those robots, that traffic…the city is my lullaby.



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