Koh Samet


Koh Samet is a National park in Thailand and it’s because of this that the island is so beautiful and in some places still blessed with a lot of natural art.
On arrival to the island you have to pay 10baht to get off the pier and then a further 200baht later on (which we managed to avoid somehow)
The island is very small and although it seems quite busy it’s actually quite remote. All the shops and bars etc have to go and buy their supplies from the mainland every day, which means that when they run out of food they close for the day, good excuse for a half day πŸ™‚
There is also a boat that takes kids to and from school, i’m pretty sure this is the boat we got over to the island. All the children seemed so happy and i spent most of the journey watching a group of boys trying to set pieces of paper on fire with a magnifying glass πŸ™‚

We had a lot of rain for the first 2 days we were there, i’m sure England will be happy to know we didn’t escape the bad weather!
This gave us time to explore the island while it wasn’t too hot. We walked pretty much the entire length of the island in almost 3 hours, climbing over huge rocks and up hills, it was quite an adventure πŸ™‚
Every beach on the island is completely different in colour, wildlife and activities. Some are really lively with bars and restaurants while others are very quiet with only a few trees or rocks as company, these were my favourite ones!
On the walk we came across some odd stone statues

The sign says these have been standing since 1958! Of course we didn’t believe that they could just balance for that long with no glue or cement so ignoring the “No touch” sign we poked one…i can assure you there is no use of any kind of glue!
I also found this piece of artwork which i thought was amazing!

Koh Samet has the most stray dogs i’ve seen on any of the Thai islands and they all seem to have their own territories. We saw a few dogs grovelling to the bigger dogs that walked past them on the beach, quite strange to see.
When the temperature drops they dig little beds into the sand to snuggle in


The place we call home on this island is a lovely guesthouse called Papa Rogers, 250baht a night for a double room (thats about Β£2 each) absolute bargain and a great place to stay too.

Cheap drinks and free pool in the bar next door gave us an evening of good entertainment and we met some lovely people.
Mike got his butt kicked by the best pool player i’ve ever met in my life! He was playing one-handed and even with his foot!

I taught them an english pub game that my Dad taught me, flipping beer mats off the side of the table and catching them one-handed…i even achieved my personal best and stacked 15 mats πŸ˜€

The next night we went for a drink on the beach and noticed that we had walked into a big party of some kind. After asking a lady on the table next to us we found out that it was an ‘O.D convention’ a seminar for doctors, nurses and dentists and they were celebrating in this bar with food, drinks and karaoke…it would be rude to not join in πŸ™‚
We met a lovely Thai man who kept asking to have his picture taken with us. His nephew is studying in Cambridge University in London and is 1 out of only 20 Thai people allowed to do this so it’s a great achievement!
We celebrated that with him and he told us he would “never remember us” (he meant never forget haha) and when we were leaving he hugged us and said he wishes us a very happy time because Thailand is ‘The land of smiles’ A great nickname πŸ™‚


Walking home we met a man called Atom – the fastest painter in the world!
He was sat on the floor by a tree spray painting some of the best pictures i’ve seen in a while and he had a big group of people surrounding him.
Mike thought he was loud and obnoxious but i found myself drawn to his arrogance and sat next to him for hours watching him create picture after picture for anyone that asked.
Yeh he was cocky but he knew he was good and he wanted you to appreciate the beauty he created.
We got talking while i watched him and it turns out he’s actually quite famous and is out here practising for a tv show in america!
He asked my favourite colour (green) painted me my very own masterpiece and thanked me for taking the time to sit and talk to him.
Sometimes you just have to see through the front that people show the world and get to the real beauty inside.


On one of my solo outings on this island i stumbled across the best fire show i’ve ever witnessed up close!

I found myself absolutely mesmerised, standing almost too close but feeling every moment.


We booked a boat tour to see a few of the islands further away from Samet the next day.
A speedboat tour of 4 islands and our captain was a 15 year old Thai boy who liked to keep his money in his ear for safety…

And his First Mate was a 7 year old Thai boy who looked like Mowgli and had a lot of trouble lifting the anchor

It did make my personal journey a happier one watching his face and hearing the laughter come up from his belly everytime the speedboat hit a wave and almost knocked him from the best seat in the house πŸ™‚

The islands were all beautiful, they all smelt a bit funky but they were beautiful, and i kept myself busy collecting shells to take home with me πŸ™‚

Personally i found that after 4 days on Koh Samet there really wasn’t anything else left to do.
I love the idea of relaxing for weeks on a beach but the reality of it bores me so it didn’t really surprise me when one day, mid sunbathe session, i got this overwhelming urge to leave.
I explained to Mike how i felt but he really wanted to stay and relax until our flight home so with just over a week left of my travels i have decided to go off on my own mini adventure in the morning all the way up north to Pai…and i can’t wait! πŸ˜€



Let me hear your thoughts :)

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