Krabi round 2 – Tiger temple and Thai cooking…


Goodbye Malaysia, hello 14 hour bus ride to Krabi!

Not the nicest of journeys but i’m so happy to be back in Thailand, i’ve missed this place! And to come back to one of my favourite areas was a big bonus πŸ™‚

When we were here last month we missed out on one of the best temples here, The Tiger Cave Temple, so we took the opportunity to do this 2nd time round.

Reading about it we knew it would be a tough one – 1,237 steps up the side of a mountain, 600m above sea level – but you don’t actually realise what you’ve gotten yourself into until you actually get there.
Driving up to the area we see a giant mountain, right at the very top of the mountain is a teeny tiny gold buddha…teeny tiny because of how high up it is!!

I’m not gonna lie i was very nervous looking up at all the steps when we arrived but i’m not backing out now!


As the walk began it didn’t seem too bad, nice normal steps, piece of cake…that was just the warm up! It quickly turned into a very daunting, vertical climb up steps that are as high as my knee in some places with just a handrail keeping you from coming very close to nature!

At the 300 mark (there are counters on some of the posts) i’m still feeling quite good…less than 1000 to go 😳
800 – the sweat is dripping off my back and i can feel my heartbeat in my throat…only 400 more, i can do this!
As the steps got higher i started thinking about all the temples we have seen so far and how they are all ‘up’…it’s as if the climb is a test to determine whether or not you’re worthy to reach the temple.
Once i reach the last step i lift my arms over my head and do a Rocky style celebration, completely forgetting the people around me – who by the way laugh and cheer me on πŸ™‚

My travel partner is sitting down, red-faced and exhausted but i’ve got too much adrenaline running through me to sit. The view is breathtaking (or maybe that was just the climb) and it feels like such a massive achievement to be up here, sure theres a good handful of people here but we all worked hard for this view, we made the climb we didn’t just pay a tour-guide.
It’s so beautiful up here almost above the clouds looking down at the world below…we earned this peace, we are worthy.



The climb down wasn’t as tiring physically but it was very tough mentally. The steps are so steep you really make use of that handrail.
You know when you see a toddler walking downstairs and they go very carefully, 1 foot at a time, knees touching their chin almost sitting down at every step because they’re so high…yeh that’s how i looked!
Halfway down we walk right into a group of monkeys sitting on the stairs. I gave one of them my leftover Jackfruit but a baby in the group decides thats not enough and climbs on my back to have a sniff round my bag, cheeky little…monkey!

At the bottom again on flat ground we see a stall where, for a small donation to help build a pagoda, you can press your own amulet with a blessing.
I couldn’t decide which blessing i wanted so i asked the man in charge what he feels i need…he gives me the blessing of health.
We press our amulets and then sit barefoot infront of a Buddha statue, recite a Buddhist prayer and then make a wish.

We are told that we must not touch the amulets for 3 days, then we must turn them over and leave for another 7 days before adding water and sealing in a plastic case…instructions noted!

The next day i went off on my own to a Thai cooking class πŸ™‚
This is something that interested me from the start but it wasn’t until i developed a love for Thai food that i felt a real need to learn how to cook the dishes.
When i arrived at Siam Cuisine i was a bit disappointed to find that i was the only one attending the class that day, that quickly turned into a blessing as it meant i could choose my own 6 dishes to cook and have 1 on 1 teaching πŸ™‚
With some advice from the chef i chose…
Thai style noodles
Coconut soup with chicken
Spicy glass noodle salad
Wonton soup
Chicken and ginger
And my favourite Thai green chicken curry!

I won’t bore you with the details of the dishes but it was so much fun learning how they are made, and all from scratch too – i even made my own curry paste!


Once the dishes were cooked they were mine…i think i was expected to just taste them but me being me and having the appetite i do i ate all 6 dishes…wiped the plates clean!
The ladies in the kitchen were very pleased that (in their words) “an english girl can eat” haha!!
I was also told i made the prettiest wontons they’ve seen in a long time – teachers pet!

As i was the only one in class today i got a tour round the gardens where they grow the ingredients, i also got a nature lesson about red ants. I was shown a big banana leaf that had been made into some kind of pouch – the ants use their saliva to stick the leaf together in this way and lay their eggs inside.
I was also told that this is a Thai delicacy, ant eggs mixed with chicken eggs and fried…thats one Thai dish i won’t be trying!


8 thoughts on “Krabi round 2 – Tiger temple and Thai cooking…

    1. I have both πŸ™‚ my instagram link should be at the bottom of my blog somewhere? If not then i’m @lovingsoulphotography
      My twitter is pretty much just the instagram photos i dont really do much else on there πŸ™‚ x


  1. Brilliant made me laugh loads out loud Thai women now know how you can eat and your appetite is becoming world renowned. Magic your writing just gets better especially the child coming downstairs love it all love you loads your Daddy xxxxxxxxxxx


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