I heard a lot of bad stories about Phuket before i came here. Not that its a bad place, just that its too touristy and just like London…i actually quite liked it.
We began the stay in Old Town Phuket which was lovely – not much to do but still beautiful.
The first night we went looking for food and could find only a small Thai restaurant owned by the happiest Thai man in the world. The menu wasn’t in English but he served us the best Thai curry i’ve ever had with a big beaming smile.
A walk around the town took us down a cute little street that resembled China Town in London but much quieter. Definitely the poshest part of Thailand i’ve been in. We stumbled across this adorable little antiques shop filled with childhood memorabilia – Godzilla, King Kong, Matchbox cars, Batman – the shop had absolutely everything! I could have spent all evening rummaging through the cupboards, a hoarders paradise!


I hope the owner knows what a truly fantastic shop he has here!
We also came across a giant dragon water fountain and a Buddha hand placed randomly in the street…


The next day we got up to explore Phuket. Not even 2 minutes down the road and we get approached by a taxi driver who offers to take us everywhere for 100 baht (Β£2) can’t say no to that really!
We got to see The Big Buddha

And a Chinese temple

But the best part of my day was the butterfly garden.
I wasn’t too keen on the idea at first as it sounded boring and butterfly’s have held a lot of negative memories for me in the past, something i am now completely over πŸ™‚
The beginning was a small insect museum but then you step into the gardens and you’re greeted with beautifully coloured flowers, green trees and hundreds of delicate wings fluttering past you.
Holding a little pot of nectar i completely immersed myself in the pure nature of it all.
I had butterflies on my toes, hands, hip, head and i even had 1 little guy take a seat on my nose!

He was perfectly happy just sitting there, even when i was walking around – just call me the Butterfly Queen – i felt like a Disney Princess πŸ™‚


Back at the hostel and we discover a Sunday market…STREETFOOD!!
Well and truly stuffed my face!


Like i said Old Town is lovely but theres not much to do so it’s time to move onto Patong Beach until our flight to Singapore!

This area is totally different, cars and bikes everywhere, it has a Bangkok feel about it. So many people too! The beach is ram packed with sunbeds!
One thing i have noticed is that Phuket seems a lot dirtier than other places in Thailand, almost as if it gets forgotten through all the tourists.

For me Phuket will always be the place i got stung by a hundred jellyfish!
Swimming in the sea i noticed little stings on my legs, running my hand through the waves i felt little bumps hitting my fingers, i scooped some water and found the tiniest little jellyfish i’ve ever seen stuck to my fingers, literally about the size of a large ant and almost totally see-through…thats whats been stinging me!!
Safe to say i soon decided to stay out of the water!

Our roommate at the hostel is yet another Canadian, such a nice guy!
We all go for some food and a night on the town…Ping Pong show!!
Phuket nightlife is crazy! You can hardly move for all the people and everywhere you turn theres a promoter promising you cheap drinks and sexy ladies.
I won’t go into detail about the ping pong show but i will say this…i will never look at a turtle the same way again!
Outside again we bumped into 2 Swedish guys we met in Phi Phi and spent the night drinking and playing a local game…hammering a nail into wood, sounds boring but so much fun!
You get 1 nail and a really thin hammer and you have to see who can hammer their nail first with the least hits.


The night ended with me being separated from the guys, forgetting where my hostel was and getting a lift home on the back of a local Thai mans moped at 5am…sorry mum and dad!


The next day i was pretty hungover so while the boys went out for round 2 i took the opportunity to have some time to myself.
A lovely solitary stroll along the beach and watching the sunset was just what i needed.
Theres something about watching the sun set into the ocean that makes you realise how big the Universe is and how tiny you really are.
No matter what you do the world will continue to turn, the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening…thats one thing you can always rely on.



4 thoughts on “Phuket…

  1. Hey Sis, looks like you’re still loving it. We found thousands of tiny jellyfish in Oz, but luckily we were wearing wet suits, so no stinging for us! How long are you going to be in Singapore?


  2. Beautifully descriptive story telling can’t wait for the next installment love the photos the complete package makes me wanna go there. I’ll ignore the 5am bit don’t do it again???!!! The bit about butterfly’s is down to London Zoo you didn’t like the insect house that much. Mind you things have really changed doesn’t matter what it is except jelly fish


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