Koh Lanta…dragons, rainforests and mopeds…

20140125-215240.jpgAs soon as we drove into Koh Lanta i knew i was going to love it here.
So raw, peaceful and almost free from westernisation – my soul felt so at home.
Our guesthouse was down the south of the island, even quieter and more remote πŸ™‚
We dumped our bags and went to explore – standard first day behaviour πŸ™‚

The beach is beautiful! We sat and watched another gorgeous sunset
And then went and had food at the Why Not Bar – a little bit of Benidorm in Thailand πŸ™‚
No karaoke but they did have a live band.
As we walked in my favourite song, What a wonderful world by IZ started playing = great big smile inside and out!

The next day was a beach day, chilling and sunbathing…i got restless and after making some sand art
I went to explore by myself.
I was on the hunt for some shells to add to my collection when i saw a little forested pathway, or course i had to go and investigate!
As i walked in i disturbed a group of birds who all quickly escaped in a blur of white feathers and long brown legs. As i watched them fly away i noticed something move in the corner of my eye, i turned to see what my mind could only process as a dinosaur at that moment in time!
A lizard easily as big as my leg, with a tongue just as long stared over at me.
For a second i wasn’t quite sure whether to run or stay still but curiosity took over and i walked towards it. Clearly he wasn’t interested in being my friend as he slowly turned and walked away, his head looking back watching me the whole time.
As i watched him go a bird with wings as blue as the sky took my attention to a nearby tree…where 4 more lizards sat! I was beginning to feel surrounded so i backed off and let them slink away into the trees.
I later found out they are some kind of dragon!!
Another moment when i didn’t have my camera…another image that belongs just to me πŸ™‚

The next day we decided to rent a moped so we could see the whole island.
Having never been on a moped before i was a bit worried…but i loved it!!
Theres nothing like the freedom you feel when you jump on a bike and just go, the wind in your hair, nothing closing you off from the world – my new favourite transport!
We visited the Old Town which was lovely, we had lunch in a cute little restaurant at the end of a pier overlooking the sea
We drove as far as we could up hill to some of the most beautiful viewpoints i’ve seen
We passed wild monkeys on the side of the road
And when we couldn’t drive anymore we got out and walked and discovered the most beautiful rainforest, so natural and untouched.
We walked until a combination of the sun going down and the scary noises we could hear made us turn back.
I’ve always wondered how beautiful the nature of the rainforest would sound…i was mistaken, it sounds terrifying! I have no idea what animal was making the noise i could hear but it sounded like there were hundreds of them and they all had tiny little chainsaws getting ready to attack!

Dinner at a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach and meeting the cutest little ginger kitten i’ve ever seen finished off our stay in Koh Lanta.

I loved every minute of it…my budget not so much!
Koh Phi Phi tomorrow πŸ™‚



One thought on “Koh Lanta…dragons, rainforests and mopeds…

  1. I think you might find that they were Kimodo Dragons and are generally not very friendly. You were lucky they must have liked you. Liked the photos especially the beach art Picaso huh. Next time can you please follow the correct sequence very confusing ????!!!!! Xxxxxx daddy love you


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