In search of paradise…

“I just feel like everyone tries to do something different but you always wind up doing the same damn thing…” – The Beach

This quote pretty much sums up how i’m feeling today.
Koh Phi Phi is amazing and don’t get me wrong i’m loving it but i’ve just got that feeling today.
We went on a boat trip where we visited Monkey island and Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed)
Monkey island was great! There were actual wild monkeys living on this beach…i fed one a banana πŸ™‚

I had that feeling a bit here, the almost disappointment that this wasn’t my own experience, there were too many others sharing it with me…but i had monkeys so i didn’t mind πŸ™‚
We snorkelled, we swam and then we were taken to Maya Bay.
I was really looking forward to this place. It was the setting for the movie The Beach, one of my favourite films and actually the movie that awoke the travel bug inside of me (how many thousands of people say that eh? Haha)
I knew Maya Bay would be a popular tourist attraction, i just didn’t realise how much!
We had to pay 100 baht on entry as it’s a national park and they want to keep it maintained.
Arriving at the island there was a mini traffic jam, so many boats and people you couldn’t even see the sand.
Take the focus away from that and it’s a stunning beach hidden away in a cove surrounded by rocks and rainforest, covered in sand as white as snow, so soft it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Water so crystal clear and sparkling turquoise it takes your breath away.
Amongst all the beauty i can’t help but see the massive irony in it all.
This beach was the setting for a movie about absolute paradise. The characters in the film went on a secret adventure as far away from the typical tourist trail as they could get just to find the peace and solitude that they craved, to leave their footprints in paradise.
This very island is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in Thailand, constant traffic ferrying people in and out. Thousands of footprints in this sand, cigarette butts litter the once perfect floor, crisp packets float in the gorgeous shimmering water, and the funniest thing of all…everyone is desperately trying to take the perfect picture. That one that makes it look as though they are all alone in this gorgeous setting…
Thats the thing that really makes me think – all these pictures we’re all taking, thousands of people have the exact same shot in their albums, new facebook profile pic, instagram tag…this moment is not your own.
As much as you feel like you’re doing something different, there are all these people thinking the same thing, telling the same story…
Like i said, i’m loving it here, it’s beautiful and i’m so happy to be experiencing this, seeing paradise…”The only downer is everyones got the same idea…” – The Beach.


5 thoughts on “In search of paradise…

  1. Hey Sis, sorry I haven’t kept up to date, no excuses, just rubbish! My view is that there may be thousands there, al taking the same pictures, but none of the, are in your head. The best thing you can take away from any experience is your own memory of that time, and however many people have the same pic as their Facebook profile, none of the experienced it the same way you did, whethert it was good or bad…..


  2. The descriptive prose is brilliant ” walking on a cloud “. ” everyone with the same photo ” and irony as well very philosophical ?! New job as a travel writer with a new angle a conscience about the irony of film and the reality of popularity messing up the location. Bit of a verbal comment sorry but I really loved it Daddy xxxxxx


      1. Corse we read it actually wait for it in eager anticipation sitting on the edge of the chair chewing fingers. Haha poss ott there but we do very much enjoy reading it. Also the way you write makes it easy to read and enjoyable. Clever cow love you Daddy


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