Krabi…Fossils, fame, dreadlocks and shark attacks!


The drive from Surak Thani to Krabi was a long one with the most beautiful scenery i’ve seen so far!
Trees and hills everywhere, so much colour, i found myself half expecting to see a few dinosaurs roaming around…wishful thinking!
I’ve never seen forestry like it though, it’s as if Mother Nature carefully positioned every single piece to make it perfect. All the trees, and i do mean all of them, are in perfect straight lines row after row, you can see for miles in-between like magical little walkways. I wish i had taken a picture but we didn’t stop driving so this will just be my own personal memory πŸ™‚

We had a bit of a disaster when we arrived at our hostel…they had overbooked so there were no rooms for us so after a lot of waiting and confusion they drove us to another hostel for the night.
Everyone was quite angry about this, understandable as i would have probably been in England but for some reason it didn’t phase me at all, i just sat and waited patiently and thought “it is what it is”
Travelling has definitely changed me for the better!
The replacement hostel was in the centre of town and walking distance from Sian and Charlottes hostel…everything happens for a reason πŸ™‚

The next day we went to Ao Nang beach – gorgeous!
We walked the entire length of the beach to find the perfect spot away from all the tourists.
As we were walking we heard people behind us, we turned around to see a group of young Thai girls smiling “can we have a picture with you please?” They all said excitedly…sure why not! Peace signs in the air we smiled for a group photo, they thanked us and ran off giggling…no clue why they wanted our picture but at least they were happy πŸ™‚

Exploring the beach and looking for shells i’m pretty sure i found some kind of fossil…

Whatever it is it’s beautiful!

After falling knee deep in sinking sand

And watching another beautiful sunset


We went back to Krabi town to explore the night market. I will never get bored of Thai markets, they’re all similar but have their own special character…as the Thais say “Same same but different” πŸ™‚
This market had the best street food i’ve had yet and the stall owners even let us try before we buy…i stuffed my face with some delicious traditional Thai desserts πŸ™‚

The next day was an early one for our 4 island tour.
We got to see Poda island, Chicken island (named as it looks like a chicken, i think it looks more like a tortoise but oh well) Tup island and Koh Mawr…all beautiful to see but a few too many tourists for me.



We got to go snorkelling, which was actually quite scary as the waves were so strong we got swept away a bit and i suffered my first travel injury 😦

I don’t actually know what i did but as our guide was bandaging me up he told me i probably got bitten by a fish…just a casual thing in Thailand!?!
No more snorkelling for me!

On one of the islands we discovered the strangest mini prayer point ever…some kind of penis/dildo shrine to honour life and birth!?!

Very strange in my opinion!

Saw this sign today too…nice to know theres a plan 😳


Back to Krabi town and as it’s our last night as a foursome 😦 sad face! We go and have a goodbye drink.
We ended up at this lovely lil reggae bar called Arty’s, owned by ‘Baby Marley’ and his brother – 2 Thai Rastas with dreadlocks falling down their backs, the entire bar is decorated with things they found on the street and beaches.
Baby Marley was the happiest man i’ve met so far, never been out of Krabi as he loves it so much, i wish i could find somewhere that could make me that happy and content, he’s a lucky man!
He was trying to persuade me to let him dread my hair, he almost got me! I’m so tempted to just throw myself into the Thai Rasta way of living but if i do i’m not sure i could ever go back…seeing this written on the table i’m sat at makes me think i should just do it…

An amazing little bar and some wonderful conversation, the perfect last evening for us πŸ™‚

New adventure tomorrow, sad to say goodbye but so happy to have the memories πŸ™‚



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