Ko Phangan…


The trip to Ko Phangan was a long one!
Night train-coach-ferry-taxi, by the time we got there all i wanted to do was eat and sleep…couldn’t resist a walk along the beach to watch the most beautiful sunset ever though πŸ™‚


We didn’t do much on this island as we wanted to save money and were exhausted after how busy we’ve been! It was kinda bitter sweet really, lovely to chill out and unwind but it also gave me time to think which can be dangerous!
The beautiful scenery was very welcome but i found myself wishing that certain people from back home were with me to enjoy it rather than just looking at pictures online.
That said though i did have an amazing time and met some wonderful people!
Sian and Charlotte from London who i clicked with straight away, i didn’t realise how much i’d been craving female company, odd because back home i’m usually one of the lads, but it was so refreshing to have girly chats and to share food and drink – boys don’t share well 😦
The other person that stuck in my mind was Josh.
A waiter at the hostel restaurant, his first words to me when serving my food were “Pizza time dude…who’s your favourite Ninja Turtle?”
Those words said in a stoner/surfer hippy american accent, coming from a long curly blonde haired Patrick Swayze in Point Break lookalike just gave off the best vibes i’ve ever felt in 1 person!
He was from Colorado and learning to be a diving instructor, unfortunately i only got to gave 1 real conversation with him but i could tell from the chilled out, philosophical way that convo went that i was gonna wish i could know him better.

Anyways – Jungle Party – a dirty house rave in a jungle, fire shows, UV paint and a dj booth in a treehouse…i don’t need to tell you how brilliant that was!

Full Moon Party was absolute madness! Hands down the best party i’ve ever been to!
30,000 people on 1 beach, every type of music you could ask for, food stalls galore and buckets of alcohol that only cost about Β£3!
We found the dubstep/old skool garage and we were happy lil ravers for about 7 hours.
Only at the Full Moon Party is it possible for me to sit down in the middle of a rave and make a sandcastle while people dance around me making sure they don’t kick it over! That and dancing in the sea with the waves splashing around our stomachs made it the best party experience ever!



We got back to the hostel around 7am, watched the sunrise, had a swim in the pool, ate chocolate brownie and icecream then me n Sian talked each other to sleep πŸ™‚
It’s safe to say the next day was pretty much a waste!
Everyone in the hostel had the same idea…we all ended up laying in the communal area watching movies together!

Thats pretty much it for Ko Phangan, met some great people and my 2 amazing lady friends are joining us on our next stop at Krabi πŸ˜€ Yay!!



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