Final day in Bangkok made me a veggie…


1 last day in Bangkok while we wait for our connecting train to Surat Thani, we decide to go visit the Khao San road as everyones been saying its a must.
In my opinion…not all that, in fact i might go as far as to say i didn’t like it at all! The only positive was the clothes stalls which i couldn’t even enjoy coz of my budget 😦 apart from that it’s just a dirty, loud, in your face tourist trap – not my cup of tea.

We did get a nice tour of the city by Tuk-Tuk tho, a special government promotion meant we were taken all over Bangkok to see everything we missed first time round for 20 baht (about 30p)




We stopped at the tourist office to talk about the islands of Thailand and where we should think about going next (embarrassing story alert!)
The guy helping us, who’s name was Pooh, was telling us about a lovely island called Koh Phi Phi.
The way the Thai’s pronounce it is “Go Pee Pee”…of course me being the very mature woman that i am, found this absolutely hilarious and by the 4th time he said it i was literally in tears of laughter πŸ˜‚ i was so embarrassed but the more i tried to hold it in the funnier it was…luckily Pooh understood and laughed with me πŸ™‚

Today was also the day that i decided i want to try and become a vegetarian after discovering a huge market in Bangkok.
It had the usual vegetables and chicken etc but then the further you walked the more horrific it became!
There were buckets of live fish, crabs, snails, frogs and even turtles!
I’m guessing they were killed to order but that wasn’t what upset me it was the conditions they were kept in.
Small fish were in small buckets swimming on top of eachother in circles, bigger fish were just thrown on the side out of water left to suffocate, crabs and snails were piled on top of eachother in tiny boxes, turtles and frogs were in bags and buckets crammed in so tight they couldn’t move…i’m not ashamed to say it made me cry! At one point it all got too much and i knelt down beside a bag of frogs in tears trying to give them the tiniest bit of comfort, i doubt it helped at all!



I understand that people need to eat and it’s the ‘food chain’ and everything but there is absolutely no need for this kind of abuse and torture to these poor creatures!
In my eyes every living thing is equal, we all have a heart, we all have a soul, who gave us the right to decide how a life is ended?

From now on i am seriously going to make an effort to be as vegetarian as possible.
I know i’m only one person and i may not make much of a difference but as Mr Michael Jackson said “i’m starting with the man (woman) in the mirror…”


7 thoughts on “Final day in Bangkok made me a veggie…

  1. Love the photos and love the sentiments behind your statements that is as close to the Buhdist philosophy as you can get I suppose. You must respect life and the right to life. However what if plants are sentient beings as we’ll oops your daddy or spanner in the works???!!! Xxxxxxxxx


  2. HI Connie! So, if (and more probably when as you might be flying in and out of there) your are back in Bangkok, there’s a great vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok called May Kaidee it’s near Khao San Road. May does vegetarian Thai cookery classes and everything. Amazing. Have fun on your travels, and good luck being vegetarian, i find it very very hard when i’m away… xxx


      1. Yep!! (Maybe cos all we ate was chocolates and crisps??!) Been veggie my whole life! Travelling is the hardest, but you get used to it. And you get used to googling vege restaurants too!


      1. Yeah I guess I’m a veggie too every now or then cuz I eat all Thai street food, some are vegetarian like the Somtam Thai Salad πŸ™‚


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