Hobo style…

Back on the night train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok heading to Ko Phangnan, it’s gonna take us about 3 days in total! The cheapest way is always the longest.

It’s times like this, no place to stay, travelling through the night that it really hits home what i’m doing.
When we’re in guesthouses it’s easy to imagine we’re on a normal holiday, sight seeing and then back to the room to sleep.
It’s only when i’m settling down on a makeshift bed on an overnight train watching the world go by through the dirty window, with days of travel ahead of me that i realise i’m a backpacker, my home is wherever i lay my head. Tomorrow is unknown, there is no plan, no routine, just destiny.
It’s a strange but wonderful feeling.

I remember watching a programme called The Littlest Hobo with my dad when i was younger. It’s all about a dog that had no home, he just travelled to different places having adventures…i always wanted to be that dog!
I’ve never forgotten the feeling i got watching that show and just knowing that that was what i was meant to do. I’ve only ever felt comfortable when i’m moving, whether that be walking or driving, i just know i need to be going somewhere to feel at peace.
Theres a line from the theme tune that has always stayed in my mind
“Maybe tomorrow i’ll wanna settle down, until tomorrow i’ll just keep moving on”
This has more and more meaning to me the older i get.
Theres a big world out there and i want to experience as much of it as i can!



2 thoughts on “Hobo style…

  1. The travel bug has well and truly bitten or awoken but what I don’t want to see is you sitting down with you tongue hanging out and barking. That was a good show wasn’t it


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