Tigers, Snakes, Night trains and Street Markets…

20140105-222211.jpgSitting in Bangkok train station waiting for the trip to Chiang Mai, i’m watching all the people walking through.
Some sit on the floor alone, some meet new friends, some just enjoy the company of who they’re with. I’m surrounded by hundreds of travellers, people i’ve never seen before but somehow i feel so at home…it just feels right.

The overnight train…14 hours from Bangkok to Chiang Mai…sounds like hell right? WRONG!! Best train journey ever!
Air con, bunk beds, 4 course dinner (i ate a curry so spicy my eyes watered but it was so tasty i couldn’t put it down) breakfast, beer, great scenery and lovely people…yep you read correctly, lovely people on public transport! Who knew that could happen!?!
Also the first proper nights sleep i’ve had since the flight πŸ™‚

Arriving in Chiang Mai i already prefer it to Bangkok. It has a much more peaceful, relaxed authentic feel to it.

We don’t want to waste any time so we dump our bags, have a quick wash and it’s off to the Tiger Kingdom where this happened…
It was amazing and quite intimidating being that close to something so powerful and so real! I have a lot more respect and love for these animals now i’ve actually hugged one πŸ™‚

Next was the snake farm, we turned down Monkey school as it was all centred around monkeys performing and i don’t like to see that.
There was a small show at the end of the Snake farm but it was more like snake charming, what those guys can do is amazing!!

Walking Street in Chiang Mai is where i truly fell in love!
1 giant street market.
So much colour, culture, talent and great smelling food in one place and everything was so cheap!
We went straight for the street food! You haven’t truly experienced Thai noodles until you’ve eaten them out of a leaf!
I’m not joking when i say this market goes on for miles! The only space you see is around the street performers – who were all as amazing as eachother!
The one that took my breath away was an elderly man playing ‘Que sera sera’ on glasses filled with water – perfect song for this passage of my life!

After getting a real Thai foot massage, buying some proper hippy traveller pants and deciding that i want to grow dreads, be a hippy and live in Chiang Mai forever, we thought it would be best to go back to the hotel…if we knew where the hotel was!
About an hour of walking and a few dark alleyways later we are snuggled up in bed trying to believe today was real!

Elephant sanctuary tomorrow πŸ˜€




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