Tuk-Tuks, Demons, Buddha’s and Street food!

Today was a big day for ‘firsts’ as i guess they all will be from now on.

We started by getting the skytrain from Surasak to National Stadium…pretty similar to London DLR just more Thai people!
Off the train we get approached by a man asking where we’re going, we try to politely ignore him but he’s not having any of it! Turns out he’s really nice and helps us get to where we want to go by Tuk-Tuk, avoiding the demonstrations (which he calls Demons)
Note to self – try not to be so English, talk to people and they might help you out!
Aside from the lack of driving rules and no doors Tuk-Tuks are now my new fave way to travel – i imagine this is how a dog feels with his head out of a car window πŸ™‚


First stop was a Government tourist information place, after what seemed like hours we realised that it was a big rip off so our Tuk-Tuk driver (Mr Poonam) took as to the T.A.T and we spoke to a lovely lady and her bull terrier who helped us book our train to Chiang Mai and also warned us to leave Bangkok by the 13th or we could get stabbed…gotta love the honesty!

After having some of the best chilli noodles ever and learning that Kop Koon Kaa means thank you we were on our way to Wat Pho. The only catch was that we had to stop at Mr Poonams sponsors shop to look at some tailor made suits and dresses…all lovely but no thanks!
2.5 hours of Tuk-Tuk later we said goodbye, he only asked for 40 baht (76p!!) – we tipped him!!


The long boat took us all along the river, everyone we passed waved at us, it reminded me of when i was younger and i’d wave at strangers from the car on the motorway hoping they’d wave back πŸ™‚

Wat Pho – the Reclining Buddha temple was beautiful!
A giant gold buddha laying in a room – 46m long and 15m high, it’s meant to show the passing of the Buddha into nirvana, it’s feet display 108 different characteristics of a Buddha and for a small donation we were given coins to drop in 108 different pots to bring good fortune.



A late night Tuk-Tuk ride was an eye opener into how crazy Thai people are with safety…imagine 4 people on a scooter, 1 is a baby!!

Street food time!! Thai curry, rice and a coke purchased for what equals Β£2.03!! Can’t complain really!
Now back to the hotel to rest for our 12 hour train journey tomorrow!

Fingers crossed no travel belly!!



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