Shadow puppets…

Laying here in the hotel room, in the dark, listening to podcasts on my phone and making shadow puppets on the walls it still doesn’t feel like i’m actually here.
Everything’s a bit confusing as i’ve never been so far away and with such a time difference, it’s hard to get my head round it all…is that what jet lag is?

The first part of the flight was a mixture of good and bad…
Movies = Good
11 hour flight = Bad
3 meals for free = Good
Cramped seats = Bad
The best part was realising the tv remote was also a video game controller!! πŸ˜€
br />

But despite it being cramped and difficult i made it in one piece!

Waiting for the connecting flight i got talking to a guy called Rob who was on his way to Kho Tao to work as a diving instructor for Big Blue Diving…i have to remember to go and visit him!

Finally we land in Bangkok, i hand my passport to Immigration control and they do some checks, take my picture and hand it back.
I look at the Visa stamp and smile…they stamped it on page 7, my lucky number, my sign that i’m in the right place at the right time doing the right thing πŸ™‚

We decided to get a taxi to the hotel so we wouldn’t get lost.
The only way i can describe the driver is a Thai Michael Jackson. His car was filled with lots of little ornaments and badges, treasured memories to make the space feel more his own πŸ™‚

We dump our bags at the hotel and go for a walk to try and fight the jet lag but that doesn’t last for long.

The tiredness is getting the better of my emotions and i’m starting to feel a little bit lost and unsure but i know that will change to excitement once i’ve had some rest and the real adventures begin.
Until then i’m gonna snuggle under the duvet, listen to podcasts and make shadow puppets on the walls…



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